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Promote peace, protect Armenia, and prevent future atrocities by working for a truthful and just international resolution of the Armenian Genocide

Your outreach to elected leaders is vital to generating international resolve against Turkey’s denial of truth and obstruction of justice. With your help, we can end Turkey’s veto on international condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, lifting the shameful gag-rule it has imposed for far too long on worldwide commemoration of this crime. Please click below to take action:

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As you know, the Armenian Genocide of 1915-23 destroyed millions of lives, emptied vast areas of the Armenian homeland – enriching and empowering its Turkish perpetrators while threatening Armenia’s very survival by depriving its Armenian victims of core elements of their national existence and long-term viability.

Today – on the Centennial, a century after the start of the Genocide – prospects for a secure Armenia, improved Armenian-Turkish relations, and even democratic reform within Turkey depend, in great measure, upon Ankara acknowledging this crime and coming to terms with its present-day responsibilities.

Take part today, by communicating with decision-makers and connecting with your friends. Convey your views, advance your values, share your vision. Take action now to repair the damage of an unpunished crime, restore a nation nearly annihilated by genocide, and help end the worldwide cycle of genocide.

For more information on the ANCA’s (Armenian National Committee of America) March to Justice campaign, please visit here.